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Don't Miss This List Of Easily Overlooked Questions To Ask While Shopping For A Home:

While this list doesn't really fit in the 'home inspection' category, I have seen these items missed by several potential buyers while performing home inspections in St. Louis:

-Does your large (or multiple) vehicle(s) fit into the garage, including height, length, and ability to walk around them?

-Does your small vehicle make it over a hump in the driveway or the street curbing without scraping the ground?

-If shopping in the country, or near an area where city services may not be available:

--Is there a private septic tank, and if so, is it attached to a drainfield system?

--Does it have a private well / pump and/or cystern in use?

--If an abandoned well, cystern, or septic tank exists on the property, has it been done properly?

--Who is responsible for road maintenance and snow removal / street cleaning? While often minimal or less, sometimes these can be covered by a Home Owner Association (aka HOA), to which there would likely be dues.

-Who picks up trash in the area? Where will / can the cans be kept? (Sometimes dictated by HOA rules)

-Any other HOA rules? (Grass height, parking / business vehicle rules, street parking, fencing rules, paint colors, flags, etc.)

-Does the neighborhood fit your desired activity level? A weekday rush hour drive and/or a Saturday afternoon visit, to and through the neighborhood could provide additional information about traffic, neighbor activity, habits, etc.

-Does your current cellular phone provider have good service in the area?

-Are broadband capabilities at the desired level of your connectivity needs?

-Does anyone in the family have allergies to a tree on or near the property, or previous pets in a home?

*Not a 'complete' list.

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