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They Accepted The Offer! What's Next? General Home Purchase Schedule / Itinerary

(Not a comprehesive list.)

When buying a home, the typical order of actions (as they pertain to a home inspection) will be: securing funding, selecting a Realtor, finding a home (but don't fall in love yet), making an offer, and it being accepted.

When your offer is accepted, order your Home Inspection promptly (Inspection period is typically only 10 days, but contracts vary).

I will inspect the home, and create a report listing the defects, safety hazards, and outdated items found, and provide a report to you.

From this report, and review w/ your realtor, the final details of 'the deal' are made.

While unlikely, perhaps everything is perfect.

But 1 of the following are more likely. You may want:

• to ask seller to make repairs;

• to personally solicit repair bids and/or ask for price adjustments;

(Our reports have a simple tool included to easily create an entire repair request list and/or credit request list directly from the report, including a photo of the defect, with just a few clicks).

• to overlook any issues and just buy it;

• to ask for paperwork and guarantees on existing repairs;

• additional inspections;

• or even to be released from the contract entirely, if need be.

Ultimately, these are the last steps in finalizing 'the deal', aside of officially 'closing', which is set at a date in the near future, w/ a title company, when they have completed the due diligence needed to clear title for sale.

A good Buyers Agent will guide you through this whole process, and submit requests after the inspection to the Sellers Agent, hopefully while representing you (like an attorney) vs. selling you a house (like a salesperson).

You may also want a survey done, and the bank may require an appraisal, and insurance. Your realtor will help.

I wish you luck in this endeavor.

Call me or schedule your inspection online when it's time!

314 669 6434

Kevin Dickherber

Sunshine Certified Home Inspections

St. Louis and St. Charles, Mo


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