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GFCI Receptacles

As a St. Louis and St. Charles Home Inspector, the most common recommendation I make is to replace standard receptacles with GFCI's.

As described by OSHA: "The ground-fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, is a fast-acting circuit breaker designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground-fault within as little as 1/40 of a second. It works by comparing the amount of current going to and returning from equipment along the circuit conductors."

I recommend GFCI protection at all receptacles in a kitchen, bath, laundry, basement, garage, and/or exterior outlet (wet locations). They can be 'piggy backed' from one protected receptacle to the next, protecting multiple (other typical) receptacles with one device. They are generally an inexpensive fix, if attaching to a 3 wire electrical system.

Lack of GFCI protection is called out on most every home inspection report in one area or another, mainly because they were not always required, and sometimes due to a deficiency in existing GFCI's not tripping properly.

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