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Home Inspector Fall Prep (in St Louis & St Charles Mo) Recommendations:

No more denying it, it's fall. So it's time to inspect a few things outside the home. Here are some of the items around the home you may want to remember to do or inspect, before the temperature drops below freezing, as it always does in the St Louis County and St Charles County, Mo areas, one of these coming nights.

Such as:

Detaching and draining of hoses.

Turning off and draining of hose bibs which are not newer 'frost-free' type. (I find leaking valves, and see evidence of this not having been done, freezing, and causing larger leaks *regularly* while performing home inspections).

Inspecting and adding or replacing weather sealing to doors and windows, including overhead garage door seals.

Installing or inspecting storm windows and doors are in proper working order.

Adding attic, wall, joist pocket or other insulation.

Inspecting and/or adding gutter guard to gutters.

Having the chimney flue cleaned.

Covering of A/C condenser, BBQ pit, yard equipment, storing of lawn furniture, etc.

Inspect existing and consider adding exterior lighting for earlier sunsets, plus, well designed lighting can really enhance the look of a home.

It's also a good time to check smoke and CO detector batteries, and change the furnace filter and/or have the unit inspected / serviced.

Having a plan for icy mornings, power outages, etc.

And of course,

finding your fuzzy socks.

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