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Kevin Dickherber

I had 2 Dads. A 'real dad', and a 'step-dad', but I prefer to call them my Dad, and my Other Dad.

My Dad was a wheeler-dealer/fixer-upper kind of guy: Always willing to talk, restored classic cars when I was little, and later 'flipped' real estate, and for a while, was even a sports card dealer, who studiously documented everything. I suppose that is a some of my personality, but I'm not so big on buying and selling things...

My other Dad was a diverse, but meticulous contractor who admitted he "didn't know how to talk to people who couldn't talk construction". I first worked for him carrying block at 15, as punishment for fighting with my brother. I survived, and got paid kid rate, which was better than nothing. He would grade every built item in his view, and eventually just pointed and stated "Shi++y job: F", because he had already broken down exactly *what* was wrong, many times. He liked to jokingly call me Sunshine, because of my upbeat demeanor (especially compared to his), taught me several trades, and gave me advice like "the hurrieder you go, the behinder you'll get".


I worked for both of them growing up, and occasionally later.


After a short time in the Marine Corps (doing mostly paperwork in peacetime), I spent 20+ years in residential remodeling, gut rehabs, and additions, gaining experience in most every aspect of a homes construction and maintenance. I eventually stepped to project management & estimation, and then, owned a small rehab and remodeling company, concentrating in floor plan alterations, gut rehabs, and residential historic homes... and some masonry... and some concrete work. Here is some of my work, w/ before & afters photos. (Sorry, I don't do hands on contracting anymore, the page only still exists because I'm really proud of it).

Looking to the future, I went back to school to become a certified home inspector. My Home Inspection, Electrical Maintenance,  and Radon Certificates are from Ranken Tech and American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT), (recognized and approved by ASHI, InterNACHI, CREIA, and TREC). Finally, opening Sunshine Certified in 2013. 


I am currently an active member of both ASHI and InterNACHI, and consider my education perpetually ongoing, as the construction trades are, of course, also constantly updating methods and materials. 


I understand how your home should perform as a system: from the vented roof peak, to the drainage tile below the basement floor, I've probably even installed same or similar systems, and am happy to pass along that knowledge. 

Those Dads definitely molded who I am today, no matter how much I would have argued the idea as a teenager. I love this job. I get to meet new people everyday, and I feel like I've been training for it my whole life. I tell you what's wrong, AND, I don't have to fix any of it.


While I'm not inspecting homes, or writing reports, I'm likely working on a historic home in my neighborhood, and/or spending time with my wife and 5 daughters.

Yes, FIVE!

And, now, a new Grand'sun'!


Thank You for your consideration,

I look forward to working for you.

Kevin Dickherber


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